To My 15 Year Old Self…

17 May 2017

So, we asked a bunch of guys what they wish they knew about love when they were 15 and here’s what they said…

Sometimes we need advice from someone who speaks from experience but not every guy has a dad, uncle, older brother or relative to pass on their worldly wisdom. Love is something that most guys will feel awkward about addressing with each other but its from the people around us that we can learn the most.

“I would tell myself to stop trying to change myself in order for someone to like me. I would start loving myself more and trying to find someone who loves me exactly as I am.” – Chris, 30

“Don’t put it on a pedestal so much. Don’t force it. Take it easy. If it happens it will happen naturally and stressing about it isn’t going to help. Just wait and see what happens!” – Jazz, 26

“Be a bit more guarded, don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Not everyone is like you are and people communicate differently.” – Liam, 26

“Don’t take things too seriously, you don’t know everything and never will. It’s important to apologise, compromise and remember you’re a not always right, humility is often as much as a turn on as arrogance.” – Rob, 36

“Don’t be afraid to experiment but be mindful of people’s feelings.” – John, 25

“I wish I’d known that it is OK to be vulnerable, as I only realized later that it’s a prerequiste to finding love.” – Bob, 65

“You’ll never feel anything as intense as that first time you fell in love” – Martin, 54

“Love can be the best and the worst thing to ever happen to you, you can’t always choose which one…’ – Alex, 32

“When I was 15 I had no idea about love, I was interested more in football than I was girls, so I guess I’d say be more observant and trust your feelings?!” – Raoul, 24

“If you think they’re in to you…. make sure you’re certain before you make the move it’ll save you some embarrassment down the line… talking from experience here guys! 😂”- Isaac, 32

“Don’t worry about love. Don’t feel you have to have someone for the sake of it. Be happy with yourself and you’ll eventually find someone. Love will come when its the right time. Stop moping around! lol”- Lee, 32

“Love while you can, as hard as you can and no matter if you get hurt, do it all over again. Give out the love you want to receive back and be open to being loved.” – Mark, 46

“I would tell 15 year old David that he’s going to love a lot of incredible people in lots of different ways and he’s going to be loved by them too. Sometimes it can be work but it’s totally worth it. Don’t worry so much about being alone.” – David, 30

“Don’t be afraid of it.” – Owen, 19

“That it’s ok to love who ever… no matter their gender, so just ask him!” – Kieran, 29

“To enjoy love when it happens, don’t be scared to be honest about your love and nurture it gently :)” – Mark, 34

“A) Stop worrying about finding it. B) Infatuation is not love. C) Love yourself more before you try to love someone else. D) Don’t let your parents’ example of love blur your own vision.” – Rick, 47

“When you have learned someone like you learn a musical instrument or a foreign language and you want to keep learning; when they have learned you and they want to keep learning – then you are in love. That is when the magic begins. So don’t look for the fast track to magic. There isn’t one. Take the slow train, enjoy the journey and take your time deciding who deserves your heart” – Jamie, 43.


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