Stunt Performer Ellette Craddock on how to ‘Just do you’ this Year

04 Jan 2018

As a stunt actor Ellette Craddock is no stranger to a challenge. What she does involves pushing herself to the limit, but you might be surprised about the advice she has on pushing yourself too hard. Whatever you do, Ellette has some words of wisdom on sticking to who you are this new year…

What a year we have had!

2017 you’ve been nothing but real – but, with 2018 right around the corner, there are some thoughts on how to welcome this new year best. Now, my go-to is thinking about ways to spice up my own life. However, New Year is commonly seen as a fresh slate, a chance to start over, an opportunity to try to be better. Because, New Year, new you, right?

Now let’s investigate “new you” for a moment.

As much as I support self-improvement and change, you don’t need to be a NEW you in the new year. You don’t need to create stress from trying to fit a workout challenge into your schedule, go to yoga every day because that’s the only way to find inner peace or buy every new trendy thing that’s supposed to make your life complete.

A makeover is not the solution when the look doesn’t fit.

We’re constantly surrounded by media that pressures us to believe that this is the time of year that we should fix something about ourselves. It underlines the idea that we need to change our lifestyle or act in a certain way in order to be better. But often, people are left feeling like they aren’t good enough just the way that they are. For the record, I do love welcoming new things and ideas, but what if we can still be better by just being ourselves?

It’s a new year, BE YOU.

If you’re one that needs a new focus, I challenge you to bring in this new year by being you. Celebrate who you are as a person and what makes you happy. Celebrate and love the people in your life that make you feel on top of the world. Embrace all of the quirks and bumps that have made your own experiences richer.

I believe the way to feel like you are being the best version of yourself is to just be yourself. 

Now, it’s a challenge for a reason. Sometimes the thought of just being you can be hard. I think it can even be a little scary! Without anything new, we’re just our good ol’selves – our own thoughts, fears, expectations and dreams. And, we all know they can turn into a headache, at least that’s what’s been proven to me! We live in a competitive world, and it’s become easy to feel inadequate when things don’t go as planned or compare yourself to others. And here is when the idea of changing yourself to be a “New You” can seem like a simple solution.

But, not being true to who you are, or forcing a certain lifestyle, isn’t being fair to yourself or anyone around you. And don’t even start to believe that it is a long-term cure. Our thoughts and opinions will evolve over time so a change will happen regardless. When the ball drops this year, have the resolution to be yourself.

Commit to your own beliefs and don’t make decisions just to fit in! No one is perfect, and there isn’t one way to do life – but there sure is only one you. We can’t all fit into one mold that the media has sculpted, but we can focus on what makes us feel the most confident as individuals. Flourish in your own flow.

So cheers to 2018. Here’s an opportunity to go after your own thoughts and dreams, and make sh!t happen. And, as silly as hearing this may have sounded growing up, it’s damn true.

Cherish the fact that there’s only ONE you. So whatever you do, be you. 

Instagram: @ellettecraddock


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