The Cyber Bullying Report 2013

Cyber Bullying Report: Key Cyber Bullying Statistics

Formerly known as The Annual Cyberbullying Survey 2013, this report combines the largest bullying-related data set of over 10,000 young people with key questions surrounding cyber bullying and the use of integrated digital technology within the lives of young people. Upon publication in October 2013, the world’s media responded; turning the findings of the report into global headlines. As a result, our report went on to consult Government, social networks, schools, colleges and other organisations in their counter cyber bullying strategy.

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Headline statistics:

·      7 out of 10 young people have been victims of cyberbullying.
·      37% young people have experienced cyberbullying on a highly frequent basis
·      20% of young people have experienced extreme cyberbullying on a daily basis
·      Young people are found to be twice as likely to be bullied on Facebook than on any other social network.
·      Facebook, Twitter and Ask.FM are found to be the most common social networks for cyberbullying.
·      54% of young people using Facebook reported that they have experienced bullying on the network.
·      28% of young people using Twitter reported that they have experienced bullying on the network.
·      26% of young people using Ask.FM have experienced bullying on the network.
·      Cyberbullying is found to have catastrophic effects upon the self-esteem and social lives of up to 69% of young people.
·      An estimated 5.43 million young people in the UK have experienced cyber bullying with 1.26 million subjected to extreme cyber bullying on a daily basis.
·      New research shows that young males and females are equally at risk.

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