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Everyday Sexism this ‘Chick’ is Tired of…

Despite the progress us humans have made in terms of gender equality in recent times, here are a bunch of seriously annoying, everyday things which us vagina owners will find all too familiar…

Dress codes
Believe it or not, there are STILL some workplaces which insist on women wearing heels to work – Do we really need to explain why this isn’t ok? Ok we’ll do it anyway: our footwear has absolutely NOTHING to do with our quality of work. It’s an archaic and outdated rule which objectifies women, so give it up!

Blonde jokes
Come on guys, you’re better than this surely? These are the kind of jokes your half drunk uncle will bust out at a family do. Newsflash: hair colour has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence so that joke is redundant and sexist to its core. So, jokes on you old man 😉 p.s: Vagina jokes aren’t funny either. Period. 😂 

Street harassment
The whistling builder, the starer, or the guy in the street who tells you to “smile love” are all perpetrators of street harassment and blatant sexism. No, it is not a compliment. No, we do not like it.

“Bitchez n’ hoes”
“We have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores – it just makes it ok for guys to call us sluts and whores.” When every other rap song is about bitchez, hoes and crackin skullz its no wonder, when we take a look at the way we women speak to each other….  (shameless Mean Girls reference No. 2, you’re welcome 😉)

Unequal government
The fact that only 32% of MPs in Parliament are women in the UK and only 21% are women in the US Senate and 19% in the House of Representatives, says that the way society is run is pretty “man-heavy…” What’s worse, is that only 7.1% of women in congress are of colour.

Why are we so often referred to as farm animals?? Cows, Chicks, Birds, Dogs … Old McDonald gotta lotta livestock that’s all I’m sayin’…

And finally, the most infuriating of them all….

The ridiculously small pockets on women’s jeans! 😡😡😡
Why are we not allowed to have stuff in our pockets?!? Guys’ pockets can hold a phone and wallet, some keys, a pack of gum, not to mention about a tenner in loose change. Me? I can’t even fit half my phone in there. Where are we meant to put all our s*** amiright girls??!??!

Ladies… how many phones have you dropped down the toilet because of s****y jeans pockets? Tell us in community#TheStruggleIsReal @DitchtheLabel


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