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‘Ditch Labels, Ditch Bullying’ for #AntiBullyingWeek


To mark anti-bullying week in the UK, we’ve partnered up with LYNX, the UK’s leading male grooming brand on their recent ‘Ditch Labels, Ditch Bullying’ campaign. The campaign challenges guys, including some of our favourite influencers Manchester United footballer Marouane Fellaini, TV personality Ollie Locke, grime star Not3s and rapper Big Shaq to quite literally destroy the words they’ve been personally labelled with.

As part of the campaign, LYNX have launched a limited-edition ‘Unlabelled’ kit, featuring body spray and shower gel where the brand has removed its own label to promote our message, with 100% of the profits from each kit sold being donated to help fund our crucial anti-bullying support.

Scroll on to see which labels got squished 😉


Marouane Fellaini


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Ollie Locke


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Big Shaq / Michael Dapaah


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DJ Larizzle


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You can buy the limited-edition ‘Unlabelled’ kit here.
Read more about our global partnership with Lynx here.
If you’re currently affected by bullying, help and support is available here.


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