21 Facts About Bullying That You Probably Never Knew

What We Do Every year at Ditch the Label, we carry out extensive research into bullying by asking students across the country about their experiences. We delve into the reasons why people bully and are bullied, as well as asking important questions about things like relationships, gender, mental health and body image. This groundbreaking research

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Why Do People Bully? The Scientific Reasons

Bullying is a behavior that has historically been linked to kids on the playground, but it can happen among people of any age in any setting—schools, households, workplaces. So the main question observers of such conduct have is…why do people bully others?  According to our latest research, we discovered that 1 in 2 people have

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Uncovered: Online Hate Speech in the Covid Era

We looked at 263 million online conversations around hate speech online, to see how it has changed since the start of the pandemic. We looked at social media sites, forums and blogs to see how racism and other topics have evolved between 2019 and mid 2021 – and we’ve put together some key facts from

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Wireless Report: Online Behaviours and Mental Health

Introducing the Wireless Report When we carried out our Annual Bullying Survey 2020, we asked young people a bunch of questions about their lives online. Out of this came the Wireless Report, a unique and wide-ranging study that tells us some incredible insights into the online behaviours, feelings and fears of young people across the

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9 Fast Facts About Bullying in 2020

2020 has been a tough year. But before the lockdown, we asked over 13,000 teenagers in the UK about their experiences of bullying. The results proved that now more than ever, anti-bullying campaigning and bullying support are incredibly vital for the mental wellbeing of young people. There’s still a lot of work to be done,

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Annual Bullying Survey 2019

Hey guys, so did you know it’s Anti-Bullying Week this week? Well it is! And we have been working our socks off to research bullying all around the UK. This is the Annual Bullying Survey, and this year we’ve decided to do it on the theme of Pride and Prejudice. Basically, we wanted to look...Read More

10 Reasons Why We Need Trans Allyship in 2019

So, guys, we have done a bit of digging with our partners over at Brandwatch. Well, actually, a lot of digging. We joined forces to analyse 10 million online posts over the past three and a half years to explore a really serious issue affecting hundreds of thousands of people every day: transphobia.  The issue

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7 Facts About Cyberbullying

What We Do Every year, Ditch the Label carry out extensive research into cyberbullying. We delve into the reasons why people cyberbully, the different types of cyberbullying, and the long terms effects that it has on people’s emotional well-being. Cyberbullying continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing young people online. It’s eye-opening stuff

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Our 2017 Research in a Nutshell

Our 2017 Research We’ve been pretty busy this year gathering research about subjects that really matter. These projects provide all-important insights into various aspects of life for everyday people. If you want to find out about the latest stats on bullying, the true extent of in-game abuse or what people really think about makeup and

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What can 12 Million Conversations tell us about Mental Health?

Ditch the Label has teamed up with Brandwatch to analyse 12.9 million conversations surrounding mental health in the UK across a period of four years. Mental health is a topical subject right now with lots of conversation and debate taking place online; some of it positive, some of it negative. The report looks at how

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