World Friendship day
Friendships LOL

11 LOLworthy GIFs That Sum Up You and Your BFF

In preparation for World Friendship Day, we came up with 11 sure fire ways to know if you and your BFF are stuck with each other for life…

1. You basically have two sets of parents because you spent half your childhood at each other’s houses.

2. The need to pee is no reason to end a phone call.

3 . You’re a bit offended when you’re not invited to their family occasions

4. You HAVE to stay friends for the rest of your lives because you know wayyyyy to much about each other.

5. You have an inventory of stupid stories…

6. You have photographic evidence of years of fashion failures…

7. When you got your first car…

8. When you don’t see each other for ages but you know that nothing will change…

9. Boundaries? What are they!?

10. You’ve already got your retirement planned out…

11. When your song comes on…


…Any of these sound familiar?

Nominate your bestie for the DTL BFF award to be in with a chance of winning some DTL merch for you and your mate in celebration of World Friendship Day. What’s more, you could be featured on the Ditch the Label homepage in an exclusive BFF interview!

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