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Based on our research and expertise, we know that the majority of those who bully are men. We also know that men are actively discouraged from opening up about their emotions and instead, often respond with aggression. To tackle this, we are supporting Axe’s mission to, quite literally, ditch the labels that hold guys back, freeing them to be their own man, on their own terms.

Our partnership with Axe is focused on giving young guys the tools and resources they need to say a huge, big, fat no to bullying and be comfortable with who they are – without the pressures and limits of traditional masculinity.

We know guys spend a lot of their time online, so we’re creating an easy to use platform for the UK, US and Mexico, housing everything guys need to get rid of limiting labels. This platform will be powered by Axe and will include communities, chats and mentors. Together with Axe, we will also create blogs and videos about masculinity and labels.

We’re aiming to help at least 474k people through our partnership with Axe. We’re confident that we will get more young people talking about bullying and the labels that guys suffer under - and this is something we are very proud of.


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‘Arse-kickery and Cuteness’: Meet Ladybeard, the Skirt-wearing Wrestler

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