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Here’s what you should do if you didn’t get the A Level grades you were hoping for…

First up, get the idea out of your head that you are a failure. You are not a failure and whoever said that “exams these days are getting easier” is talking b***S***!!! I’d like to see them sit A Level English or maths amiright??!?!

What you need is an action plan.

So you didn’t get the grades you need to get in to university, it’s not the end of the world, it is merely a setback. There are loads of options to choose from so don’t give up just yet!

1. Retake

It’s possible to resit most exams. This might mean you have to wait until next exam season as many colleges/school don’t have January exams anymore, but thats ok – it just means you have an entire year to study for it and you’re pretty much guaranteed to do better with all that extra time to revise! Speak to your college or school for further details on how to go about retaking your paper.

2. Clearing

Clearing is the process by which universities fill any remaining places they have before the semester begins. People who missed out on their original choices because of grades can apply to these courses through Clearing. Simply log in to your UCAS Track account and find your Clearing Number which UCAS will have automatically provided you with. Once you have this number, you can call the universities that are on the Clearing List to find a suitable course. Click here to find available courses in the UK. Relax, you got this 😌

3. Take a year out

By this point, you’ve probably spent around 15 years of your life in education from reception through to sixth form. Why not give yourself a break?! Why not save up some money and go travelling, then reapply next year when you have more life experience. Alternatively, you could start looking around for full time work and spend the year gaining invaluable work experience to help with your uni application next year should you choose to reapply.

4. Change your plans

Its totally ok to change your plans. In light of your results, you might find that university isn’t for you. Instead why not shop around for other options? There are loads of opportunities out there instead of university. Try looking into Modern Apprenticeships or check out job opportunities near you for School Leavers here.

5. Other qualifications

If you’re dead set on Uni, there are other ways to get a place. Loads of people get university offers by taking an access course. Access courses generally prepare people who don’t have traditional qualifications to go on to study at university. Most universities will accept people with access course qualifications and you can find out more about them here.  Otherwise, take a look at other courses offered by colleges and institutions which might be better suited such as BTECs or Higher National Diplomas (HND).

6. Stay positive

Most importantly, understand that you are not doomed to eternity just yet. Try putting a positive spin on things and understand that you now have a whole new set of opportunities that you may not have previously considered! If you’re still feeling a bit low, thats normal too. Talk to a digital mentor who can help you figure things out.



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