8 Problems Only Lovers of Vintage Clothes Will Understand

17 Jan 2017

8 Problems Only Lovers of Vintage Clothes Will Understand

1. When people don’t really ‘get’ your style.
‘But like, why on earth would you want to wear some dead person’s smelly old dress?’ #Girlplease Because it looks AWESOME.

2. Buttons falling off at really inconvenient times.
Although I’m not sure there really is a convenient time for your trousers to fall down?

3. The hidden underarm rip.
The outfit is perfect! You’ve bought it, got it home, tried it on, lifted up your arms in excitement and…realised the material underneath your armpit is ripped. But it’s okay because that makes it more breathable right? Plus you can totally manage keeping your arms folded 24/7.

4. The case of the crumbling shoe.
You cannot call yourself a vintage clothes lover if the sole and heel of a newly bought pair of secondhand shoes hasn’t disintegrated and pretty much turned to dust after one wear. #RIP


5. Smelling pretty musty.
Forget Chanel No 5, it’s all about smelling like a heady brew of mothballs and damp. No really, it is. IT IS.

6. Learning to embrace miscellaneous stains.
Yeah, so WHAT about that weird yellow stain? If you squint you can hardly see it. *Tries not to think about all the gross things it could possibly be*

7. Cinderella’s Stepsister Syndrome.
Basically, if you take a US size 7 or above, prepare for your love of vintage shoes to be wholly unrequited.


8. The Regret of not buying that one off piece.
Because you know, you’ll never, ever find one quite like it ever again. Shoulda, woulda, coulda are the last words of a fool my friend.

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