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7 Valentine’s Day Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Valentine’s Day can be great, but when it’s not long into the new year and everyone is still just about sticking to budget, it can be a super annoying expense. Well, if you want to treat your other half to something that shows your love but don’t have the bank account to go with it, we came up with a super quick list of how to celebrate the most romantic day of the year without breaking the bank. 

1) Go for a coffee date

Head off to the best coffee shop in town and spend less than a fiver on a drink and a piece of cake. It’s a great chance to spend a bit of time with your other half, feels like something a little bit special, and is dirt cheap. Wins across the board. 

2) Take a walk somewhere pretty

Wrap up warm and head off to the park or the countryside for a walk in the February sun. It might be chilly, but it will give you guys a chance to spend some quality time together. Just add a dog, and you are looking at an afternoon well spent. 

3) Make them a present

If you are a bit of an artist, make something for them. Draw or paint something, make a card, frame a photo of the two of you together, put a bunch of stuff into a scrapbook or make a coupon book full of favours they can cash in throughout the year. Whatever you feel like you might be able to make look kinda OK, or at least not like a toddler did it, give it a whirl. Even if it turns out a bit rubbish, chances are they will appreciate the effort you’ve put in. 

4) Send them a Spotify playlist of all the songs that remind you of them

The mixtape of 2020, make a Spotify playlist filled with all the songs that you guys enjoy together, or the ones that make you think of them. Send it over Whatsapp with a little note about what it is and why you’ve done it. They will love the thought that you put into making them something so unique to the two of you. 

5) Build a blanket fort

So maybe you’ve not done this since you were ten, but get your other half over to build a gigantic blanket fort in your room. Fill your fort with your favourite (cheap) snacks and stick something on Netflix. Hanging out in a fort is soooo much better than just sitting on the sofa. 

6) Small acts of kindness

It’s often our actions and not our words that show people just how much we care. Do one or two things throughout the day that shows them just how much you know them, and how much you care about them. Maybe that’s taking them a coffee, tackling some of the stuff on their to do list as a surprise, or something else entirely. 

7) Know that you don’t have to celebrate at all if you don’t want to

Life is expensive, but relationships don’t have to be. Have a chat with your other half before the big day approaches and say you just don’t feel like it’s worth celebrating. Make sure they know beforehand though, or you might find yourself in trouble.  

For some great tips on how to be an absolutely amazing partner, give this article a read.

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