what we should stop saying

7 Things we need to stop saying forever

Here are 7 things we really need to stop saying already….

Language is a powerful and complex tool and the way we phrase things matters. While everyone is free to express their thoughts and opinions; it is not ok for it to be at the expense of others. Here are 7 things we need to scrap from our everyday lingo:

1. “That’s so retarded.”

Equating the mentally disabled with what you find stupid only makes you look insensitive and ignorant. The dictionary is full of many different words to complain with so find better ones.

2. “No offence, but…”

Immediately apologising for an offensive remark by saying “no offence” does not excuse what you said. If what you are about to say needs to be followed up with a casual ‘no offence,’ try not saying it at all. Some things are better left unsaid.

3. “That’s so gay.”

Don’t use someone’s sexual orientation to describe anything other than that. It’s homophobic to associate the word gay with anything negative, annoying or unwanted and in the process you are offending millions of people around the world.

4. “She is such a slut.”

The word slut immediately degrades its victim by labelling her as bad because she is sexual. Sexual slurs have been used throughout history to control female sexuality and because the word is everywhere (music, media, school, politics) it is very easy to overlook the damage it is doing. But it is and we need to stop.

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5. “Boys don’t cry.”

Except, well, they do. Crying is not a sign of weakness and, honestly, weakness isn’t “bad” anyway! We are all strong and weak at different times in our lives, regardless of gender. And besides, crying is good for you. Don’t believe us? Check this out

6. “Don’t be so sensitive.”

Instead of telling the person you might have offended to not be so sensitive, take the time to listen to them and find out why they are in distress. You might learn something and become a more considerate person in the process.

7. “I’m not racist, but….”

If you’re leading with this statement, then you probably are being racist. Period. People that feel the need to defend themselves before they talk are most likely about to say something offensive, rude, ignorant or stupid. So if that’s your opener – stop talking.

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