7 Reasons Why Starting a Sport Should Be a Big To-Do This Summer

27 Jul 2019

There is a massive summer full of sport coming our way this year – whether it be the Women’s Football World Cup, Summer X Games, US Open or any of the endless events taking place – and that’s perfect motivation to take up a new hobby. So, if the summer sun is tempting you to start something more active, then we’ve got you covered. Check this out for a whole host of reasons to pick up a sport.

1) To Be More Active

Sure, it sounds obvious but if you look at the actual effects sport will give you, it’s pretty astounding. Just an hour a day will help to reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes or diabetes and that alone is a great reason to start playing. Sport can become a lifetime habit in no time at all and, with that, looking after your health can become one too. 

2) Make New Friends

Easily the most fulfilling part of sport in our opinion. It’s a very unique type of friendship you make with sport and it seems to bond you for a long time; if not life. After a couple of games or training sessions, you’ll start to meet people properly and, before you know it, they’ll be your best mates. Sharing that common interest is a great basis for the friendship, but when you start to work together in the game it will really strengthen the bonds you make. 

3) Get Better Sleep

We all know exercise makes you tired and that’s no understatement. Just an hour a day can not only help you to sleep better but also regulate your sleep pattern. If you’re more of a night owl or perhaps your life doesn’t allow for regular sleeping hours every night, that’s cool. You can still do exercise before bed – just pick ones that relax you like yoga. All in all, you’ll start waking up with more energy because you sleep effectively when it’s time for bed. And it’s all because one day you fancied taking up a brand new hobby. Well done you.

4) Gain More Confidence

Sport is an excellent way to put yourself out there and learn what you can really do. Don’t get us wrong, it’ll test you and you might not succeed at things straight away but, when you do get the swing of it, there’s few better feelings than getting it right. Whether it be a swift little move or a nice pass, you’ll learn to appreciate the beauty of the game you’re playing and realise how well you can play it. Also, building those bonds with your teammates and communicating helps to build you up because you know, as teammates, you all believe in one another and want to do well. 

5) The Post-Workout Buzz

There’s a huge list of benefits that exercise has to overall wellness but the mental health links are really interesting. Sport requires your entire focus and efforts so there’s no time to be thinking about what you’re having for dinner or anything else so it’s a great way to take your mind off things and relieve some stress because of the release of endorphins. The body and mind are closely linked so when your body feels great, it makes sense that your mind does too. 

6) Jokes and the Social Side

We think it’s one of the best ways to spend an hour or two of your day. If you can really get into your sport and enjoy it, then the time flies by. You get to spend some time in the sun, with your best mates, playing something that you all enjoy together, and challenging yourselves to win. And then afterwards, you all get to chill out together. The laughs you’ll have with your mates in sport are second-to-none. Whether you’re playing funny pranks on your other teammates, on a night out or just relaxing in the clubhouse, you’ll be in hysterics for sure.

7) The Feels

We’d argue that there’s few better emotions than working your socks off alongside your best mates to get that win. Getting to celebrate with your teammates having shared that experience together bonds you; you always remember the best victories when you look back. If you’re not convinced, just have a google of ‘Greatest Sporting Moments’ and see the emotion in every single one. It’s an incredible, overflowing feeling of glory and pride and you’ll beam for the rest of the week for sure. 

Keep the passion and, who knows, maybe in a few years you’ll be on our list of great sports professionals to look up to. 

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