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6 Tips to Crushing It: Talking Success and Failure With Saski

Hey everyone! I’m Saski! I am a Pride host, singer, and LGBT+ advocate and educator! Throughout April, I answered some of your questions on the Ditch the Label Community about all things sexuality, relationships and coming out. Now, I’ve put together this blog on success and failure – enjoy!

Success and failure. Two words that are pretty scary right? If you imagine failure is at the bottom of a mountain and success is at the top, I bet the next two words that would come out of your mouth would be “Oh sh*t”, because the idea of being a success, can sometimes be a very tall order. We’ve all been intimidated by it – I even had it when I was asked to write this blog! 

And the more you think about failing, it can feel like an ongoing battle (almost like a WWE fight in your head between the positive and negative thoughts that are punching each other around your brain!) Sound familiar? I’m not alone in this. We all experience feelings of failure at times, just as we experience success, but for some really annoying reason our brains only tend to remember the negative stuff. 

So when this happens, I remind myself of the successes and achievements (big and small) that I have made so far and I realise that actually things aren’t as bad as I thought and yes, whilst there is always room for improvement to allow me to reach my goals, at least I’m trying, which is a lot more than some others. 

Exciting news people…we can train ourselves to stop feeling like failures and channel our energies (and inner John Cena) to overcome these feelings of negativity and anxiety. 

If you have goals that you want to achieve that’s fab, just realise you have to work for them. I believe failure is to not try, or give up all together, and that will actually feel worse in the long term. So, if your trying your best don’t put yourself down because it’s not going to help you get anywhere fast. 


6 Quick Tips to Crushing It

  • Write down your goals, then plan your actions…what steps do you need to take to work towards achieving them. 
  • Listen to motivational speakers on YouTube or Apps (I do daily, it keeps me positive and helps me to focus!) 
  • Keep those endorphins (a.k.a. the Happy Hormones) in check by keeping fit and healthy. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds boring and sometimes we just wanna feast on pizza and watch Netflix, but I know from experience that it works, especially if you’re feeling a little low or stressed out! 
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s great to look up to peers and role models but we are all different and bring our own X-factor to the table, that’s what makes us unique! 
  • Social media – FRIEND or FOE? Whilst social media can have its good points and yes it’s good to connect, it is common knowledge that constantly looking at what other people are doing can create feelings of anxiety. So, take a break from social media once in a while and start to focus on loving and believing in yourself, and soon you will feel more confident and content in who you really are.  
  • Visualise Your Future. I believe in positivity and visualization. Sometimes it might take longer to achieve goals, but by trying to keep the bigger picture in your mind will help you on your way to the end goal. Also, it is so important to give yourself a break from time to time and chill, it will all work out in the end!

Most importantly, always just be you and you will be the best version of yourself, which in turn, will make you feel happy in your heart and like a success story no matter what you do! 


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