5 Online Games that are Kid Friendly…

30 May 2017

One common problem that most parents find themselves with is their child’s online safety. It can be difficult to protect your children while they are gaming online but fear not parents, I’ve got you covered. This list contains 5 online games that your children can play safely.


A free, MMORPG, with exploitation, safe chat, quests, games, comics, what’s not to love? Poptropica has an optional subscription service where members get Early Access to new Islands and unlimited access to the Poptropica Store. Membership subscriptions renew automatically.


This adventure game is designed to be easy to learn and fun for all ages. Players are encouraged to participate in social activity. It’s a great form of entertainment for families. The £10 monthly subscription fees may seem bad on the surface however, it is a good thing. Making people pay to play the game does keep trolls away, leaving this game troll free!

Fifa 17

This football game is one of very few AAA games that are online and very kid friendly. The best part about it is that it’s a great game that you can play with your children as it can be enjoyed by all ages.


Rocket League

Another football game, kinda. This game involved playing football in cars and is very child friendly, due to the in game chat putting a block on any bad language. This is also a game that can be enjoyable at all ages, which is a plus.


Pokemon is perfect. It taught me the values of friendship, money, loyalty and if I’m honest, I think that Pokemon games had more of a hand in raising me than my parents did! Newer Pokemon games have online features which allow you to trade and battle with people from all over the world. Pokemon has no bad language, blocking out anything resembling a swear word. It also has just the right amount of depth so that it can be a game franchise that they enjoy even into adulthood.


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