21 Facts About Bullying That You Probably Never Knew

16 Oct 2018

How do we know this?

Every year, Ditch the Label carry out extensive research into bullying. We delve into the reasons why people bully and are bullied and how it makes them feel.

This groundbreaking research also takes a look at the nature of different types of bullying, the long terms effects that bullying has on people’s emotional well-being and how it’s changed over time.

It’s pretty eye-opening stuff if we do say so ourselves.

Bullying facts

So, here are our main findings from the last couple of years’ work, in a nifty list of 21 things we bet you didn’t already know about bullying.

(pssst…if you did, you probably heard it from us 😜)

  1. More than half of people under 25 have experienced bullying at some point.
  2. 20% of people surveyed, said that they often experienced verbal bullying.
  3. People who are bullied, often go on to bully others.
  4. People with a physical disability, are unfortunately more likely to experience bullying than a person without a physical disability. #NotCool
facts about bullying, how many people are bullied

5. 5% of people surveyed said that they constantly experienced physical bullying.

6. Social exclusion is a form of bullying. That means, when your mates leave you out on purpose to hurt your feelings, they are indirectly bullying you.

7. More than a third of people go on to develop Social Anxiety and Depression as a direct result of bullying.

8. Almost a quarter of those who have been bullied have had suicidal thoughts.

Facts about bullying

9. Guys are more likely to bully someone than anyone else.

10.  Those who bully are far more likely to have experienced stressful and traumatic situations in recent times.

11. Of those who bullied daily, 58% had experienced the death of a relative.

12. Bullying is not an identity, it is a learnt behaviour – Find out more about that here.

13. The #1 most common reason why people experience bullying is because of attitudes towards their appearance, with attitudes towards hobbies & interests and high grades coming in close in second and third place.

facts about bullying

14. 69% of people have admitted to doing something abusive to another person online 😲😲😲 #CutItOutPPL

15. Bullying is never, ever the fault of the person on the receiving end of it. Here’s why.

16. People who identify as LGBT+ are more likely to experience bullying.

What about online bullying?

17. 17% of people have experienced cyberbullying.

18. More than a quarter of people have had suicidal thoughts as a result of cyberbullying.

facts about bullying

19. 35% of people who were surveyed in the 2017 Annual Bullying Survey had sent a screenshot of someone’s status to laugh at in a group chat. #ShadyOnlineBehaviour 

20. Almost two-thirds of people agreed that social networks don’t do enough to combat cyberbullying.

21. 44% of people under 25 said that ‘Real Life’ means ‘only things that happen offline.’

All statistics are taken from Ditch the Label research in the UK.

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