• Are you part of LGBTQ+?
    I am too! I can help you come out, find yourself, and maybe I can help if you are questioning!
  • how to mingle with covid
    My school is starting monday (yay social interactions) but the restrictions are so strict its hard to even talk to people.i dont have social media so...
  • just want to curl up and die
    Im sorry if im like bothering people but......i was diagnosed with depression on my 15th birthday last year and its been a battle all 2020.i had a...
    Hey everyone, I'm a college student and I found this site from Tumblr some time ago where yall were giving some pretty solid mental health/life...
  • Hello!!!
    Hello! My name is Beatrice. I am a mother of two children. I came to your forum because I am interested in psychology and devote my free time to it,...
  • How to come out
    I want to come out to my parents bc the girl I’m dating is out and I want to go public with her but I’m afraid my parents won’t accept me.
  • Little bit lost
    Hey everyone, new here. Been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 2 years now. To tell the truthe I dont know what I am sexually, always had...
  • i want to tell my parents i´m Bisexual
    Hello i am thinking of telling my parents i am Bisexual but i just don´t know what to do i am 14 and will be turning 15 on the 14th of January i have...
  • family & friends problems
    A few days ago,my sister told my mom one of the biggest secrets that i held,my sexuality. I've only told a couple of extremely close friends about...
  • Feeling Hopeless
    My friends tend to say that I am extremely empathic,a kind of a mom-friend. I help everyone around me. The thing is that I don't open myself to...


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